What can the Meldpunt Goed Verhuurderschap do for you?

“The municipality of Boxtel is committed to a safe and fair rental market, without discrimination, intimidation and malpractice!”

You can contact meldpunt Goed Verhuurderschap of the municipality of Boxtel for the following topics:

  • You suspect that you have been rejected by a landlord for a home because of your religion, belief, political opinion, race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation or marital status.
  • Are are being intimidated by your landlord.
  • Your landlord does not record your rental agreement in writing.
  • Your landlord has not informed you in writing of:
    • your rights and obligations
    • clear agreements about your deposit
    • the rules with regards to service costs and utilities
    • contact information of the landlord
    • contact details of the local hotline (us) for problems with landlords
  • Your landlord requires more than 2 months' rent as a deposit.
  • Your landlord does not refund the deposit within 2 weeks after you have left the home.
  • In addition to rent and deposit, your landlord charges an additional amount, for example agency costs.
  • Your landlord does not provide a breakdown of the service costs. Your landlord must also provide an annual statement of the service costs.

How does the Meldpunt Goed Verhuurderschap work?

 Meldpunt Goed Verhuurderschap is an accessible organization where tenants can report all their reports regarding their rental situation.

This is free of charge and can be done anonymously..

Reports will be responded to within 48 hours of being sent. The reporter will receive advice or follow-up questions will be asked to clarify the report.

Meldpunt Goed Verhuurderschap examines all documents received and assesses whether there is any behavior that violates norms.

This investigation may take several weeks, depending on the information.

After the investigation, the tenant will receive the outcome of this investigation and advice on how to take further steps. 

If the report is justified, we will forward the report to the Enforcement department to take action.

Enforcement will enter into discussions with the landlord to discuss the malpractice and (possibly) issue a warning or fine, depending on the severity of the exceedance.

The Municipality will inform you further about the process.