What are your rights as a tenant?

Renting is difficult enough without having to be so attentive to scams and malpractice.”

Here's what you should pay attention to when renting a home:

  • The rental contract, as well as all other rights and obligations that you agree with the landlord, must be recorded in writing.
  • Always ask to view the property. Are you not in the Netherlands? Ask someone you know to do the viewing for you.
  • If you want to rent a living space, always ask if you can register.
  • Do not transfer money to an account of the landlord who claims to be abroad. Be extra careful if a landlord wants you to transfer money to a non-Dutch bank account.
  • The landlord may not ask for more than 2 months' rent as a deposit. When you cancel the rental, the deposit must be refunded within 2 weeks.
  • Every year you must receive an annual statement of the actual service costs incurred.
  • If a landlord only wants cash payments, ask for proof of payment.
  • If you receive a rent increase and you are not sure whether this is justified, please contact Juridisch Loket.
  • Report maintenance defects in your home immediately to the landlord.
  • Don't pay agency fees if you find a place to live online.