Rules for landlords

“I want to be a good landlord, but I can no longer see the forest for the trees due to all the changing regulations.”

The Good Landlordship Act has been in effect since July 1, 2023. This law contains clear rules that a landlord and rental agent must adhere to. Under the Good Landlordship Act, the landlord is legally responsible for:

  • A clear and transparent selection procedure.
  • Objective selection criteria when offering the living or accommodation space.
  • Clear explanation to the rejected candidates about the preference for the chosen tenant.
  • A working method without discrimination.
  • Always avoid intimidation of the tenant. Both during the selection process and while renting a home, including no trespassing and no withholding of deposits.
  • The rental agreement is recorded in writing. This is mandatory for all new rental agreements from July 1, 2023. For rental agreements from before that date, the landlord is obliged to send the tenant the rental contract in writing no later than July 1, 2024.
  • If there are rights and obligations of a tenant that are not stated in the rental agreement, the landlord must provide these separately in writing.
  • The landlord must also provide in writing the contact details of the property manager and the contact details of the municipality's reporting point.
  • The service costs will be explained when entering into the rental agreement. Thereafter, the service costs are specified annually and shared with the tenant.
  • Your landlord may not charge service costs that are unreasonably high in relation to the costs actually incurred.
  • The deposit is a maximum of 2 times the rental price and is stated in the rental contract. The deposit must be returned 14 days after termination of the rental agreement.